Online Rug Buying Versus In Person

Online Rug Buying Versus In Person

When it comes to buying area rugs, many people find themselves at a crossroads, wondering if they should shop online or in person. The truth is that both options have their benefits and drawbacks, and it ultimately depends on the individual's preferences and circumstances. In this article, we will explore the different aspects of online rug shopping versus in-person rug shopping, to help you make an informed decision.

Online Rug Shopping

Let's begin by looking at the benefits of buying area rugs online:

  1. Convenience: One of the most significant advantages of shopping for rugs online is the convenience factor. You can browse and purchase rugs from the comfort of your own home, without having to travel to a physical store. This is especially appealing for people with busy lives and jam-packed schedules, who may not have the time to visit a store during regular business hours.

  2. Wider selection: Online rug stores may have a larger selection of rugs available compared to a physical store, as they can source rugs from all over the world. The internet gives people the ability to see hundreds of different rugs and area rug styles from any number of dealers in less than an hour. Online rug shopping gives you the ability to shop and source your rugs from any dealer in the world.

  3. Price Comparisons: Rug shopping online offers more price transparency than a physical store. Rug buyers can compare comparable pieces to find the best value. One can "see" thousands of rugs, compare their prices, read customer reviews, and educate themselves.

However, there are also some drawbacks to shopping for area rugs online:

  1. Feeling Quality/Texture: It can be difficult for some people to determine the quality and texture of a rug when purchasing online. Some people need to feel and touch the rugs before buying them. A way to do away with any ambiguity is to ask for pictures from different angles and closeup images of the pile (for texture) and weave (for quality). Another way is to make sure that the dealer offers in-home trials. Seeing a rug in the space will give you the chance to love with it and make sure it is the right feel for you.

  2. The Actual Colors and Look: The way rugs look in images, especially the coloration, will differ somewhat from how they will look in person. That is why we always suggest you try the rug and see it in your space before finalizing the purchase.

  3. Returns: For some people, returning a rug purchased online can be a complicated process, as shipping can feel somewhat intimidating. 

In-Person Rug Shopping

Now let's look at the benefits of buying area rugs in person:

  1. Quality/Texture: Feeling a rug in person allows you to better judge its quality, texture, and colors. Some people just need to see and feel a lot of rugs before settling on any rug option.

  2. Seeing the Rug in Person: Examining a rug in person can help you determine the actual colors of the rug as they may differ from how they look on your computer screen. In-person rug shopping removes all uncertainty surrounding the colors.

  3. Wear and Patina: Shopping in person gives you the ability to inspect the rug for signs of wear and tear, oxidation, and aging. Older rugs will have some expected aging/wear/patina. Seeing the rug in person will help you identify any potential issues or discoloring.

  4. Personalization: When purchasing in person, you can work with a salesperson to find a rug that fits your specific needs and tastes. While you may be working with one salesperson when you shop online for your rugs, working with someone in person will give you the ability to ask questions.

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