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Antique/Vintage Rugs

Vintage and antique rugs are the epitome of sophistication and elegance. The terms “vintage rug” and “antique rug” are many times used interchangeably. Typically, the term vintage refers to rugs that are between 25 to 100 years old. The term antique rugs is often times used to refer to rugs that are more than 100 years old.

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Broadloom Rugs

Apadana Rugs and Carpets’ Broadloom Collection displays an incredibly luxurious feel coupled with subtle, elegant texture. When viewing our collection, it is apparent that designers and discerning individuals alike have an invigorating, extensive color palette to choose from. 

Our Broadloom collections brings a warm, rich and infinitely inviting feel into any space. These carefully crafted flooring masterpieces display flawless execution. Each one of our broadloom rugs showcase artistic beauty, while placing a unique stamp on a room.

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Chinese Deco Rugs

Chinese Art Deco rugs are simply works of art. They often contain contrasting and vibrant colors. Many times, these rugs will contain images of flowers, birds and illustrated scenes. The Chinese Art Deco movement began in the 1920s, and to this day, is an extremely influential style. The border of these rugs can range from very thick to none at all. Many people are attracted to these rugs’ plush and luxurious feel, coupled with the sense of glamour that only Chinese Art Deco rugs embody.

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Round Rugs

Hand made rugs are sought after because of their artistic designs and intricate color combinations. All of our rugs are made from natural materials and are a unique pieces of art. A beautiful round shaped rug from Apadana will be the heart of your room.

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Custom Rugs

We offer clients looking for custom fine rugs a unique opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind piece. Clients can choose colors and/or modify design elements to suit their aesthetic preferences. When designing a custom area rug, the client has complete freedom to personalize color, size, shape, design, material or weaving technique. 

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Laura Gottwald for Apadana

Growing up during the golden age of advertising, with both her parents creative directors, it wasn’t too surprising that Laura Gottwald founded an interdisciplinary design firm as a Rhode Island School of Design undergraduate. A collaboration of artists, designers and architects, they designed everything from corporate branding to boutique interiors, lighting fixtures, jewelry and shoes.

Since the early ‘80’s and based in New York, Laura has designed interiors and products for interiors such as carpets, bed linens and furniture for high-profile residential and commercial clients.

She received several BoY (Best of Year) Awards for two tile collections, cement tile for Original Mission Tile  (Mexico) and hand-glazed tile for Native Tile (California).

As an interior designer, Laura feels that she has a special affinity with carpets, often the foundation of an interior scheme.


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Home Decor

Interior designers and discerning individuals know that Apadana's home decor products are sought after because of their artistic designs and intricate color combinations.

By offering unique and stylish home decor products, we make it easy for our designer partners, as well as homeowners, to create gorgeous rooms.

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Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

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Kilims Rugs

Kilim rugs are the go to for interior designers, creating a focal point and drawing a room together. Practically no rug is more eye catching than a kilim. These striking low pile rugs originated from Turkey, which makes them perfect for layering. 

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Modern/Contemporary Rugs

 The term modern and contemporary rug is used interchangeably. These rugs bring true warmth, personality and comfort to your space. Even though these rugs are modern, they do indeed exude the timeless class of an original handcrafted piece of art.

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Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan style rugs display extremely unique patterns. The rugs do not follow a fixed patten. Rather, they are created by hand utilizing the weaver’s imagination. Moroccan rugs can add a vibrant splash of color into your life. Many times they are the center piece of a room. This is due to their ability to create a desired atmosphere. When you walk into a space displaying a Moroccan style rug, it makes quite a visual impact.

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Overdyed Rugs

Overdyed rugs display deep and bold colors. They are painstakingly created through bleaching, color saturation and a unique drying technique. The overdyed process creates a spectrum of modern hues. They are the perfect balance of today and yesterday. 

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Persian Rugs

Add a vibrant splash of style in your home with one of Apadana Rugs and Carpets Persian rugs. The artwork and craftsmanship of these pieces are exemplary. Each and every one of our Persian rugs are incredibly unique. We pride ourselves on handpicking only the finest and most unique pieces.

Natural beauty is what is wrapped in our Persian Collection. These rugs are intricately woven and each piece displays its own flair and personality. The rugs’ timeless artistic patterns have been sought after for thousands of years. Now, you can have one of these pieces of art, that will stand the test of time beautifully, in your space.

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Runners Rugs

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Scandinavian Rugs

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Solids Rugs

When you peruse Apadana’s collection of solid rugs, it is easy to find something extraordinary. Our collection glows with artfulness and the feel of luxury. The meticulously curated solids that we sell display detail-rich designs and can fit perfectly into contemporary and traditional homes alike. Your room demands the stylish addition that a solid rug can bring.

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Square Rugs

There is no better way to make a striking aesthetic impact on a space than with a square rug from Apadana.  By perusing our selection, you will be sure to find the color combination and pattern that you seek.

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Textured/Felt Rugs

Felt wool rugs feel amazingly soft beneath your toes. They are all about dimension and depth, highs and lows. Our rugs are like statement jewelry for your floor. With their high quality materials, they display timeless patterns and colors. Add a touch of sophistication and interest to any room with Apadana’s elegant textured rugs. 

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Traditional/Classic Rugs

When we are inside our homes, we want to feel comfortable while enjoying the finer things in life. And nothing brings those two elements into your house like a traditional rug from Apadana. Many interior designers begin a room with a rug. They often times find that it is the foundation of the space. Because rugs are an integral part of what turns a house into a home.

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Turkish Oushak Rugs

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Ziegler Rugs

Sultanabad-style rugs are sophisticated, treasured by discerning collectors, and can display surprisingly contemporary designs. Many in the interior design industry tend to favor Sultanabads. This is because of their unique colors, as well as their motifs. 

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I was nervous about not seeing the rug in person but the rug was even more beautiful than expected! Delivery was quick and well protected. Seller communicated promptly and put me at ease. Thank you - I am really pleased


Rug arrived in good order as described by Seller. Happy to report color photographs provided on website gave a true representation of actual colors displayed on rug, which can be a cause for concern. Seller was helpful in resolving poor performance on the part of FedEx.


I couldn’t be happier with my elegant rug. The seller was terrific to communicate with, answered all my questions and helped make the delivery process go smoothly. Exactly what I’d been hoping for!


Every aspect of my purchase has been excellent with this seller. Photos of the rug represented the piece very nicely, I was even more impressed when I received the actual rug. Communication was very attentive and quick response. I received the rug very quickly, sooner than originally quoted. It was packaged with good care. Overall very easy transaction and impressive service.


I love this rug. I had a few questions after receiving it and all were answered quickly. Excellent product and excellent service. I will always stop here first when looking for a rug.


This was a great experience: seller is super responsive and helpful, shipment to far reaches of Northern California came immediately and the rugs are perfect.


The rug was described accurately. The photograph was spot-on. I got the rug in two days flat, and the shipping price was reasonable. The rug was tremendous when it arrived and the price was perfect. I only wish all of my 1stdibs interactions were as flawless as this one.


I have been completely thrilled with my experience at Apadana Fine Rugs in Norwalk, CT.  From the selection online, the quality and designs in the store to their customer service, all top notch. My sales person went above and beyond helping me pick the right style rugs for my space.  They delivery and place with ease.  My home went from a traditional space to modern and clean.  I am beyond excited!!  Shout out to Mike A. for creating a great customer service oriented company where you feel at ease and comfort when you walk in the door.


Mike and Anthony are a complete pleasure to work with...knowledgeable, welcoming, charming and very fair.  They are genuinely interested in educating their customers and helping them choose the rugs that are right for them.  The inventory of rugs is enormous and it changes rapidly, so it offers alternatives to suit all tastes and budgets, from high quality new production to rare antiques.   The high level of personal attention is invaluable.  I could not recommend Apadana more highly.


I recently purchase one of the Shell Pink Silk Boho rugs and ITS LITERALLY THE GREATEST PIECE IN MY HOME.  I cant say enough how stunning the color, quality and lux feel this rug provides to my space.  Apadana spares no detail with service and quality and will ALWAYS make your dream rug appear.

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